"Official site"     A Class Act    30th Reunion Nov 14-16, 2013
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April 26th - West Coast Bash - A Big Hit!

Special Thanks to Admiral Jon Yuen and his wife Sandra

Admiral Dixon Smith - "San Diego Navy Mayor" Guest Speaker for the
San Diego Chapter of the Naval Academy Alumni Association - April 18th

San Diego 83ers - Left to Right,  Chris Murch, Greg Cerezo, Admiral Dixon Smith,
Don Hinderliter and last but certainly not least, far right  Dennis Yeatman
(Dennis 5 demerits - fallen name tag) - Not pictured Admiral Yuen went back to work.

OLDEST MEMBER OF 1983   Stu Hedley  Pearl Harbor Survivor

The great class of 1983 added a very unique and distinguished member to their ranks.  
Stuart Hedley, at age 92 is the newest and of course oldest classmate of 1983.  Stuart is the President of the San Diego Chapter of the Pearl Harbor SurvivorsAssociation and was aboard the U.S.S. Virginia on December 7th, 1941.   During a previous broadcast, Stuart had indicated that his life long dream was to attend the Naval Academy.  He was crushed when he did not get a nomination.  Some dreams take longer than others.  The Class of 1983 made it happen.  On a live wsRadio broadcast in 2011, Stuart was surprised to be named an honorary member of the class of 1983.   He is proudly displaying the class acknowledgement (Second to the Left) in the photo.  He was provided additional 83 gear and if anyone questioned him about looking a little old to be from 83, he has been coached to answer, "we had a real plebe year".

Stu holding his 83 classmate credentials.
(left) 1983 Classmate Chris Murch, President of wsRadio, sold station in 2011 now
Captain Email,  Tall One - at the time Midshipman 3/c Oliver Murch, San Diego State, ROTC
(Oliver switched to Army ROTC,)  and 
Stuart's shipmate, Aurthur Kowaski, another Pearl Harbor survivor is on the far right.  
SAVE THE DATE - 30th Reunion -
November 14-16 - 
Tentative Schedule Below - 

÷Subject To Change  - Stand By to Stand By

Make sure you signed up for newsletter   (Top Upper Left Link) 

0730-1600 Mid Store Open 
0900-1700 Museum & Visitor Center Open 
1000-1100 Class Memorial Service 
1215 Noon Meal Formation (Weather permitting) 
1350-1500 Superintendents Brief (Alumni Hall) 
1500-1630 Class Meeting (Alumni Hall) 
1900-2300 Crab Feast (and other food) Dahlgren Hall 

0900-1500 Museum 
0900-1700 Visitor Center open 
1300-1900 Tailgater, N* Room (inside Stadium, must have ticket) 

Katz is working on group seating tickets. Many classmates have season tickets, but you MUST have a ticket to get in the stadium. 

Budget is forthcoming. We are trying to keep costs down, while still having a quality and fun weekend. Prices will be established in about 30 to 60 days. We will be using the Alumni Association's system for registration. We will have a go-live in early May. 

We did not get a hotel. It is interesting to see the rates people are getting... If you block rooms, the rates are much higher. 

 Last reunion we did not fill our quota and almost got hit with thousands of dollars in penalties. It took some tap dancing, but we did not pay. 

We need volunteers to help with check-in on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We may be organizing a golf outing (informal) on Thursday,  sign up as a volunteer under the sign up link. 

Make sure you are on on our 83 Mailing List - Click Here To Join

We are also looking for Volunteers for the 30th Reunion  VOLUNTEER

Chris Murch - Communications Officer - Cell 858-442-1734

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